Monday, October 17, 2005

Stash Reduction Continues!

My stash reduction continues! I am quite proud of myself as I am really starting to use up yarn I've had for years and some just 1/2 skeins and such. I started out with the objective to finish my UFO's and quickly became bored. So I made a list and decided that I could knit new items out of my stash if I finished a UFO as well (or course this means completely finishing the new project as well). I am making up a basket of slippers to put by the door of my new house (sealed in --not finished for this year it looks). I am also making throws for the house, rugs, and small gifts to give for gifts.
My xmas gift list isn't overwhelming at all now. Some people will be getting knitted dishcloths/washcloths with bars of special soap to hats to shawls--all so far from leftover or unused stash.
I do have new wool I am itching to get into for more felted objects.....maybe a bit later when my UFO's are further reduced. Yarn on everyone!

My pattern I made up for the scarf is on my other site:

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