Sunday, October 30, 2005

55 More Days 'til Christmas...

Something is up with Jack! Looking at him made me realize I have about 55 days left to concoct some more gifts. I have a large family as does my dh. We are also building a house....let me translate: it's got to be cheaper this year! Hand made is looking really good (the more expensive the yarn the closer the person whom is getting the gift).

I have made up some dishcloths, scarfs, hats, shawls, and other small/quick knits in as many as I can until I am sick of them! I am also using up my stash and finishing up my UFO's in the process. I hope to be UFO free and only have new yarns in my possession by the end of December. I love surfing the web while I knit or crochet to find new fast ideas or different looks. I also love combining yarns and patterns. I am willing to try it as long as I like it or the outcome look it has.

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